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Fun facts related to Hostel life

  1. What comes into your mind when you heard the word “hostel life”? Sometimes, it may be a feeling of loneliness and hardships but it is not similar all the time. So, hang on as the life of hostel is loaded with freedom as well as fun like pg in Sholinganallur for gents and a person must experience that time once in a lifetime. Even umpteen number of students has considered the time spent in a hostel as a golden period and always cherish that time as it can happen only once in life. At the same token, there are a lot of fun facts attached to the hostel life experience and it is quite amazing to remind all these things.

Here, I would like to share some of the facts that may be also happened in your hostel life and you want to do all these funny moments again in life and keep it in your heart.

Group studies

It is so amazing and refreshing to study in a group till late night hours which is the best part of an entire life. While doing group studies, it becomes easy to clear and share your doubts with your friends and sort out the same. You enjoy the company of a friend who can make the study period even accessible and easy to understand. Funny thing is to watch one of your friends to sleep on the book as they hate to appear for exams. Moreover, it is too good to click their funny pictures and upload the same when studying and a lot more.

Eating Maggie at 1.30   

Have you forgotten the messy food with no taste and burnt chapatti? At the point of time, an ultimate source to calm down hunger is Maggie and fills the empty stomachs in the mid of the night. Swear it, Maggie is priceless at that time whether it takes two minutes to cook or not.

The lesson of money management

Life teaches a lot of things at different stages of life. While staying at home, you have enough pocket money to spend lavishly anywhere. But while living in a hostel, you have a budget for a particular month and here, life teaches you a lesson of money management. You never spend it like you did if at home. While going out, you have to be careful about all the areas where there is a need to spend money and where you can make adjustments. A particular sum of money is for the entire month and you need to fix expenses. However, you can learn various ways to save money while living in pg near Sholinganallur.

Party mood

No specific reason is required when you’re residing in a hostel. No matter whatever the occasion whether it is someone’s birthday, India-Pakistan cricket match win, win a race, breakup bash, and festival celebrations and so on. You can see a lot of several sorts of celebrations. It lightens up the life and brings new passion as well as zeal in everyone.

These all things happen with you to when you were a hosteller or live in pg in Sholinganallur.